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** LAYER YOUR BED.   A beautiful bed is the centerpiece of a bedroom.   I call it "the dressed bed!" Keep it simple, but use multiple layers achieving form and function.  Romantic, tailored or something in between.  The bed is the focal point. 

** FORM AND FUNCTION.   A coverlet with a tri-folded duvet or comforter at the lower portion of the bed looks lovely and provides comfort options.  Two Euro squares for a queen or three for a king/CA king add a finishing touch and decor to your room.  Hide pillows for sleeping behind the decorative setup...


** LAYER YOUR WINDOWS TOO.  It's important to have options based on mood, weather, light control and aesthetics.  Always start with the basics -- a blackout shade for temperature and light control.  Add a sheer layer, such as a Roman shade or sheer panels, for privacy and diffused light.  Finally, an outer decorative layer is optional, but can add height and width to the overall proportion of your windows' sizes, as well as coordinate with bedding and upholstered pieces.

** PURCHASE EXTRA FABRIC JUST IN CASE.  This is wise in the long-run.  Investing in custom-fabrication is just that -- an investment.  Consider the unexpected (need further items, replace damaged item or move the ensemble to new space).  Fabrics can be discontinued.  Spend a little extra and prevent the need to begin again. 

** EMBELLISH WITH DETAIL.  Nothing aids more in the presentation of a well-thought-out room than exquisite detail.  Think covered buttons, trims and other detail connected with fabric ensembles.  A room without detailed flourish is akin to a gift-wrapped package minus a beautiful ribbon & bow.  Incomplete... :(