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Home Staging is an important aspect of listing your home.  Home sales for staged homes most often occur faster and at higher prices than similar properties which are not staged.  This exciting area of real estate blends nicely with the work of interior designers.
Staging is the final touch in readying your home for the show it puts on when buyers walk through as they imagine themselves living in this space.  We carefully edit homes to make them "showroom ready," encouraging a rapid and profitable transaction.  Staging can simply mean editing out personal clutter or it may involve a more complex combination of services, suggesting a perfect lifestyle to the broadest universe of prospects.  One or more of the following services may be involved: cleaning, limited early pack-up, organizing, rearranging, depersonalizing and updating.

Three classes of staging... 


A builder spec home requires prepping by strategically placing furniture, rugs, plants and more in the home, suggesting to prospects how they may arrange their own furniture as well as implying the lifestyle they are dreaming of.


The homeowner who has settled into a relatively up-to-date home home typically needs to clean, organize and rearrange; eliminating a lot of their personal items and editing away items that distract from a buyers' imagining themselves in this "perfect for us" property


Typically this well lived-in property has been occupied for ten to twenty-plus years.  These homes tend to be dated to varying degrees and require significant cleaning, organizing, rearranging, and updating.  We recommend and specify repairs, paint, landscaping, furniture rental and more, as well as provide the best in sub-contractor referals for every need.

The market provides the price range for a home, but it's just that -- a range.  For best results in selling price, a home must appeal to the broadest universe of buyers.  Though sellers are reluctant to invest new money into their home for sale, it's our objective to maximize results for you -- sell quickly and for top dollar.  

A favorite broker put it well when they said, "You live in your home one way, but you sell your home another way." Watch "diamond in the rough" properties go from before to after to sold...